Huge PST Split Process - Enjoy Huge Benefits Out of It!

Huge PST Split application

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The two most annoying repercussions of huge PST files are that - first, they cause Outlook speed to get reduced greatly and second, they can invite corrupted after the ANSI PST file size goes beyond 2GB maximum storage space limit. Do you fear to approach corruption due to exceeded 2 GB file size limit of ANSI PST of your older Outlook version (97/2000/2002)? What if your Outlook application gets corrupted? Act before that to prevent corruption! Cut down your trouble by investing in PCVITA Split Magic software that will help you perform the huge PST split process.

How to Split Huge PST File? Do recognize the warning sign of Outlook corruption due to exceeded 2GB ANSI PST file size limit and huge PST split by using PCVITA Split Magic software, which is a third-party huge PST splitter. If your PST file size has become very huge then it is high time to do this. The splitting process using this huge PST split tool will be an easy one for you as this huge PST split software is endowed with a user-friendly interface.

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We not just provide you an excellent tool to huge PST split files but along with that we also allow you to try the tool before its purchase. This is made possible for you when you download the FREE Demo version of PCVITA Split Magic software online. Click the download link and grab the free version now. You can split first 50 emails using demo as this is a restricted product version. For splitting more items, get the full version.

Grab the Cost-Effective Full Version NOW: For the huge benefits of speedier Outlook and averted corruption problem, you have to pay a very small price ($49). Investing in the Full version of PCVITA Split Magic software is cost-effective and economical for you. What is great about this tool is that you get high quality assurance at a small price. You can split all huge PST files into smaller parts using this full working version.

Software Features:

  • Enjoy global Outlook compatibility. Split huge PST of Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, and also Outlook 2010
  • Enjoy different splitting options. Split huge PST file by date, by year, and by size
  • Enjoy comprehensive splitting. Split huge PST archive file, distribution list etc. Also, split huge PST files corresponding to all the mailbox items like emails, journals, contacts, tasks, calendars, to-do lists etc.
  • Enjoy retention of email Metadata (to, from, cc, bcc, etc)